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My submission for this week– SPARKLE grass!


Here’s my photo for My Porject 52, week 9. The theme was COLOR…..and we had such a grey week that I finally caved this morning and shot this.  It is colorful, just not the most interesting to look at, haha!

8/52– LIGHT

This MIGHT be my new favorite photo.  I took it one morning last week, right after I got out of the shower and simply could not believe how beautiful our sunrise was.  The color in this is SOOC- no bumping of red at all!  I added blacks just to cover the houses across the river from us, but the rest is Mother Nature’s masterpiece.  SO beautiful, and the best LIGHT I saw all week!


My photo for this week’s Porjct 52 challenge is a sweet one– my 2 girls stopping their afternoon walk to give each other a sweet little kiss!  They are the light of my world, especially when they do such cute things!  It’s only fitting that they would do this in the days following Valentine’s Day- my sweet girls!! 🙂

6/52  This week’s image theme is “Emotion”. This is my sweet girl, who is so tenderhearted that it just takes hearing the word “no” (even in the nicest tone!) to produce these big old tears!  My precious baby!

Image processed with CM Film Art Preset “Pewter”. 🙂


5/52- Simplicity.


Simplicity is finally getting a break from the winter weather and seizing the afternoon– picking my big girl up from preschool early and heading outside to show her little sister what the outside world is all about! This moment was completely unposed and melted my heart…they walked all the way up the street like this!


The theme for the Project52 this week was Imperfect.  If you look closely, you’ll notice that this glass bird has a broken wing.  It happened some time in the months following our move.  This bird is one of my most prized possessions- it belonged to my grandmother and it was a SUPER rare privilege for me to get to hold it as a little girl growing up.  When she passed away, my very, very first though (well, after the intense grief) was wondering about this bird.  It is so important to me, even now, in its imperfect state.  She would be proud to know that I have the bird and that I care about it so much.  🙂

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