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You TOTALLY thought I was going to announce my pregnancy, didn’t you?  HA- we are SO not having any more children, thank you…. I am happy to love on my friends’ kids and my own current, beautiful children.


However, we DO have a new baby at our house- a baby bird!  Here is Baby Robin, who hatched either yesterday or this morning (I’ve been religiously checking every day since we found the nest).  I just love this little bird and can’t wait to watch him/her grow up!


I had so much fun with this family last night! We went to a location I don’t use very often, but it was important because it gave us access to a baseball field…and this family LOVES some baseball!!  We had a great time and I so enjoyed getting to know them and getting some great shots.  Wishing you all a winning season!! 🙂


Thank you so much, R family, for choosing Captured Bliss!!



It’s been a wonderful year this year. I’ve definitely grown as a photographer and have enjoyed the launch of my business and the support I’ve received from family, friends, and clients.  I have had the pleasure of photographing some gorgeous children and some sweet couples, and discovered my love of maternity photography.  I wanted to send out 2011 with a quick look at my top 11 shots of 2011.  Enjoy!


I love this shot of this couple– I asked him to look over his shoulder at me and smile like she is the best thing in the world– he totally nailed it!  They were so much fun to shoot- so full of love and anticipation for their sweet little girl to arrive.  Their session was a lot of fun, even if it was a bajillion degrees out!






I love this image– this little girl was a RUNNER– we ran all over her grandparents’ farm during their session.  She was so precious but not too happy to have her photo taken.  It is super important to me to have shots of parents AND kids when I’m shooting (of course, if the parents really want to be left out, I will, but it’s hard to get pictures of yourself and your kids if you’re the one taking them, you know?)  I had asked Mom to pick her up I was pulling out all my tricks to try for a smile.




This is the sweetest little girl you could ever hope to know.  She was so much fun to shoot, along with her brother.  She was so cute and loved to have me taking her picture- it was a blast! I love the light in this shot and her sassy little pose– precious girl!



These girls are adorable and their family is just awesome.  This whole session was TOP SECRET, done as a surprise for their dad and grandpa.  We had a ton of fun shooting at the Marshall stadium and at Cabell Huntington Hospital.  The girls were giggly and full of life and I enjoyed every second!



This family…oh, what can I say? They’re incredibly kind, such caring individuals, and their children are amazing.  So sweet and mannerly, and the big girls were SO good with their sister during the session (and all the time, I bet!)  I like this photo because it’s hard to get an entire group looking GREAT in a shot, and they did it. Plus, the littlest girl is SUCH a Daddy’s Girl, and it melts my heart the way she’s cuddled up to him.



This was a session that was won by this boy’s mom– when Captured Bliss Photography’s Facebook page reached 100 Likes.  I had had a long run of shooting little kids and toddlers, and this session was SO EASY!  This sweet boy was so much fun- he posed, he smiled, not to mention…he is so handsome!  I loved all the images from his session, but this one especially.


I love this image of mommy and her little guy hugging– I am such a sucker for tender moments like this.  I know when he’s a crazy teen boy she will be able to look back on this photo and remember when he was her cuddly little man!  He looks like he is her biggest fan– totally melts my heart!


I love, love, love this maternity image.  Not only is this mom INCREDIBLY gorgeous, she has an amazing heart too.  Her older boy’s newborn photo is on the necklace, and I just love how we were able to capture both of her boys (on the necklace and in her tummy!) here.  This is an all-time favorite for me!


Again….a tender moment.  This brother and sister pair were so much fun to shoot.  We were in a new location and they, along with their mom, were so willing to go wherever and try out anything.  I caught this shot during a “break”– I didn’t ask them to hold hands, just to walk together.  It’s so precious to see them, side by side, hand in hand, walking together.  I love the light here too- we were in some really nice shade but had gorgeous summer evening light all around us…I miss that this time of year!


I guess it’s obvious I have a soft spot for good, soft lighting and quiet moments, isn’t it?  I love how this mommy is enjoying a peaceful moment in the sunset.  She had the cutest little baby bump EVER and looked amazing through her whole pregnancy.  This is such a sweet image to me.


My FAVORITE image of the year is this one- it took MANY takes to get it right but once we did…wow.  These two cuties were kissing their mama so much, it was just a matter of timing it right! As a mother myself, I would be overjoyed to have a shot like this of my girls and me.  Such a sweet image of precious kiddos loving on their mommy….doesn’t get any better!

So there you have it- my favorite images of this year.  I have enjoyed meeting new families and have had so much fun working with them.  Special thanks to them for choosing Captured Bliss Photography and I’m looking forward to next year!! 🙂






I finally have a few moments to breathe– both of my daughters’ birthdays have come and gone (and the enormous, 50+ people- in- my- home- parties that accompanied them this year!) and I am up to date on editing.

SO……what to do?  Well, I started looking at Christmas stuff today!  I absolutely LOVE the holidays and everything that comes with them- the decorations, the lights, the family time, the FOOD (oh yes…I may be a small person but I can PUT SOME FOOD AWAY at a holiday dinner!).  I love watching the holiday events through my girls’ eyes and seeing things their way.  I love Elf on the Shelf. I love pumpkin everything. I love the sights and smells and feel and emotion.

I love the holidays…I think you’ve got that. 😉

I started working on my Christmas wish list today, and while I’m not ready to share it yet, I thought I WOULD share a list of things that I’m loving right now.  Maybe they might be on your list, too? 🙂

Right now, I’m loving:

OPI nail polish in Bubble Bath- the perfect color! One coat is nice and demure, just enough to add some glam to your nails. Two coats and it looks like you’ve been to the salon (even if you’re like me, and you HAVEN’T been to the salon for your nails in….oh, I think 11 years, when my grandma paid for a manicure for me?!)

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.  ‘Nuff said.

Or, if you are like me, and Starbucks is a bajllion miles from your house… International Delight creamer in Pumpkin Pie Spice.  Almost as good. 🙂

Caress Evenly Gorgeous body wash with burnt brown sugar and karite butter.  Seriously, I’m not usually a food-smell kind of girl….but I found this this summer and I. Am. In. Love.

Hershey’s Kisses in Peppermint and White Chocolate.  Technically they’re for Christmas….this bag I bought this weekend is gonna be lucky to see this weekend, much less 2 months from now!

Potato soup in the crock pot. Warm, delicious, and smells great in my kitchen.  Perfect for the nights we have dance or other obligations and want to walk in a find dinner ready.

Tres Semme Heat Tamer Spray.  Every day I wash, dry, and flat iron my crazy, unruly hair into submission.  This stuff helps keep it (somewhat) healthy!

The 2011 Toyota Camry XLE.  We bought it to semi-retire my GMC Yukon (12mpg…omg.)  The Camry (or my “little car” as my daughter calls it) gets 30mpg in the city and cruises just perfectly. I love it, and that’s saying something since I am really an SUV kind of person.  Nothing better than being able to drive all over town and NOT have to get gas 2-3x per week.  $600/month in gas gets old REALLY quick!

Adobe Lightroom3.  Amazing editing program that has really helped cut down on my Photoshop time.


OK….I’m pretty well out of things to love now (you know, besides my girls and husband and our families).  Thanks for checking in on CBP and I’ll be back blogging again soon!


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