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You TOTALLY thought I was going to announce my pregnancy, didn’t you?  HA- we are SO not having any more children, thank you…. I am happy to love on my friends’ kids and my own current, beautiful children.


However, we DO have a new baby at our house- a baby bird!  Here is Baby Robin, who hatched either yesterday or this morning (I’ve been religiously checking every day since we found the nest).  I just love this little bird and can’t wait to watch him/her grow up!


My husband and I visited New Orleans for the first time last week and while we were there, we took a tour of the swampland in Slidell, LA.  It wasn’t my normal subject, for sure!!!

I had such a nice time with this family, and these girls were just the best.  We had so much fun together and I even held it together when I photographed the girls and their mommy with the photo of their daddy/late husband.  He passed away several years ago and I think the mom put it best when she told me she wanted to make it a “family photo” that showed their true family. Although he isn’t with them anymore, I know they remember him and I’m so pleased we worked together to make this photo take place.


Some other favorites:





I had so much fun with this family last night! We went to a location I don’t use very often, but it was important because it gave us access to a baseball field…and this family LOVES some baseball!!  We had a great time and I so enjoyed getting to know them and getting some great shots.  Wishing you all a winning season!! 🙂


Thank you so much, R family, for choosing Captured Bliss!!

I had the privilege of a session with this pretty girl the other day- she is so beautiful! Going off to college in the fall- her family is so proud.

Thank you, A, for choosing Captured Bliss!

I ALWAYS enjoy hanging with this family! I have photographed them several times, although this time was a little different– this time, it was for a celebration!  It started out that the Mama won a contest I was having over at the Captured Bliss Photography Facebook Page.  She was supposed to win a session in the snow, to be used during the winter….but Mother Nature threw us a curve ball and we never had any really good snow!

So, we improvised and decided to do a session to celebrate her sweet kiddos’ birthdays– baby girl turning 1 and big boy turning 4.  We had an absolutely fantastic time in the park and I think the pics prove it.





Thank you, C Family, for choosing Captured Bliss!!! 🙂

I’ve been shooting preschoolers all week. No, really!  I was asked to do spring photo sessions for an area preschool and jumped at the opportunity– how fun to spend my days with kiddos again!! It has been super fun putting together my lemonade stand (huge thanks to my husband for all his hard work!) and getting together the props.  I’m so please with how they turned out! What do YOU think? 🙂

KK Parents- your galleries will be up soon!! Good things come to those who wait. 😉

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