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Let’s DO This!

Posted on: January 18, 2012

Yesterday I had the EXTREME pleasure of someone I know promoting my Facebook fan page on her page– completely unrequested by me.  She simply did it because she wanted to help me and help my business grow.  Pretty awesome, right? For the whole evening yesterday, every one of her Facebook friends was getting a direct link to my fan page. I gained new Likes, had hits on my website and (hopefully) will receive some inquiries from it.  All because someone took a moment and helped someone else, expecting nothing in return.




In an era where more negative posts on Facebook get attention than positive ones, when people would rather put others down than lift them up, we have to work together to rise above it and help each other.  All night last night I kept getting this idea- what if we started a REVOLUTION on Facebook? A commitment- just a tiny one- to promote one person, business, company, school, WHATEVER- each day.  Link their page. Let others know about what a great experience you’ve had with him/her/them/it.  COMBAT the negativity with  POSITIVE message.  Not hard, right?


Then LET’S DO THIS.  Make the commitment with me, right now, to promote someone else or post ONE positive message on your Facebook EACH day.  There’s no expiration date here- my hope is that it will become so much of a habit that you’ll begin to LOOK for those positive things each day and it will become a habit, just like brushing your teeth or tying your shoes.


Will you join me? Share this image below (take it! take it!) and link back to this blog post on your blog.  Explain what you’re doing and WHY it’s important to you. Hop on your Facebook and lift someone else up.

Together, we can change the negative “face” of Facebook.  We can.  It just takes one.  YOU.




1 Response to "Let’s DO This!"

I also try to be positive… thanks for bringing it to attention!

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