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The theme for the Project52 this week was Imperfect.  If you look closely, you’ll notice that this glass bird has a broken wing.  It happened some time in the months following our move.  This bird is one of my most prized possessions- it belonged to my grandmother and it was a SUPER rare privilege for me to get to hold it as a little girl growing up.  When she passed away, my very, very first though (well, after the intense grief) was wondering about this bird.  It is so important to me, even now, in its imperfect state.  She would be proud to know that I have the bird and that I care about it so much.  🙂


I’m posting my third photo in my Project 52!  The theme this week was Inspiration.  This was a hard photo for me to take this week, simply because my inspiration is the river behind my house, and it is NOT pretty right now!  I have so many better photos but part of the P52 is that it MUST be taken that week….so, I did the best I could with what I had!




I have to say that living on the Ohio River (that’s it reflected in the background) is very inspiring for me. The river is different every day, and we see new things all the time. It’s incredible- barges, wild animals, even a bald eagle recently! My running shoes are included because during the warm months, I lace them up and run early in the morning- giving me access to some of the most incredible sunrises I have ever seen anywhere (in person or in photos). The river is my inspiration.


And now, because this is MY blog and I can do what I want (haha!) I’ll share 2 much BETTER photos of the river.  I took these this fall and have each of them framed, HUGE, in our home.  Love them!



Yesterday I had the EXTREME pleasure of someone I know promoting my Facebook fan page on her page– completely unrequested by me.  She simply did it because she wanted to help me and help my business grow.  Pretty awesome, right? For the whole evening yesterday, every one of her Facebook friends was getting a direct link to my fan page. I gained new Likes, had hits on my website and (hopefully) will receive some inquiries from it.  All because someone took a moment and helped someone else, expecting nothing in return.




In an era where more negative posts on Facebook get attention than positive ones, when people would rather put others down than lift them up, we have to work together to rise above it and help each other.  All night last night I kept getting this idea- what if we started a REVOLUTION on Facebook? A commitment- just a tiny one- to promote one person, business, company, school, WHATEVER- each day.  Link their page. Let others know about what a great experience you’ve had with him/her/them/it.  COMBAT the negativity with  POSITIVE message.  Not hard, right?


Then LET’S DO THIS.  Make the commitment with me, right now, to promote someone else or post ONE positive message on your Facebook EACH day.  There’s no expiration date here- my hope is that it will become so much of a habit that you’ll begin to LOOK for those positive things each day and it will become a habit, just like brushing your teeth or tying your shoes.


Will you join me? Share this image below (take it! take it!) and link back to this blog post on your blog.  Explain what you’re doing and WHY it’s important to you. Hop on your Facebook and lift someone else up.

Together, we can change the negative “face” of Facebook.  We can.  It just takes one.  YOU.



This is my second entry in my Project 52.  The theme this week is LIFE.  I loved the theme- so many interpretations!  Here is my submission:


I took this picture of some bamboo while visiting Disney World last week (more specifically, this was in Animal Kingdom).
Bamboo has a deeper meaning for me than just a plant- it is very inspiring– in the right conditions, it can grow up to 3-4 FEET in a day!  How alive is that?! Also, following the death of my mother when I was a baby, I lived with my grandmother for a while as a young child. Her driveway was completely lined with bamboo- and since her death in 1996, whenever I see bamboo, I think of her.

I am participating in the Project 52 over at My Four Hens Photography! I had originally thought I might take part in a My365 project (shooting each day) but I decided against it…not because I don’t shoot each day (most of the time, I do!) but because I don’t necessarily edit and post each day– that’s my hang up.

So…… my first image is this one:

The theme is RESOLUTION.  One of my resolutions for this year is to be more present with my family.  In order to take my daughter outside and play in the snow, I had to push off dinner.  It wasn’t as good as it would have been, but you know what? That didn’t matter.  We played outside, she learned how to throw a snowball, I learned that she actually has a pretty good arm, and we enjoyed hot cocoa together once we came back in.  You can’t try to tell me that dinner was more important than that!!!

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